1423 Main Street, Suite D
Little Rock, AR 72202


The Green Corner Store & Soda Fountain is located within the historic C.J. Lincoln Building, former home to the C.H. Dawson drug store & soda fountain establishment from 1905 until 1967.  The Green Corner Store opened in July of 2009 and added the soda fountain in April 2012. The idea was born when the antique drug store shelving fixtures, the same vintage as the Lincoln building, were purchased by the building owner. The collection included 48 linear feet of hand carved, ornate oak fixtures plus equipment for operating an authentic soda fountain which seeded the idea to have an ice cream soda fountain reminiscent of a favorite tradition.


By having soda fountain operation similar to the original, we are honoring the roots of the building as well as the history of a traditional pharmacy. Soda fountain phosphates, sundaes, milkshakes and more are served up from behind the antique Lippincott 12’ solid marble bar.  The back drop is a massive oak bar back with marble counter and an engraved mirror bordered with stained glass and lit side panels. Customers can pull up a stool at the counter or take a seat at one of the restored, wrought-iron ice cream parlor chairs around one of the round marble-topped bistro tables. The high tile ceilings, blade fans and original tile floor complete the circa 100-year old décor.