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Vendor Standards

Our product standards and requirements

Our products are thoroughly researched for their effectiveness, durability, and safety. We seek products that are healthier to use and were manufactured with less negative impact to the environment and the workers who made them. We require that our vendors maintain strong social, environmental and economic standards.  The workers who make our goods must be treated according to fair trade and fair labor practices.

With a few exceptions, we strive to carry only products that are Made in the USA and give preference to local and regional companies that meet our standards.

Our specific criteria for each of our merchandise categories varies. Here are some of the sustainability components we look for:

  • Manufactured in the United States as much as possible
  • Helps save energy and water and other natural resources
  • When virgin raw materials are used, we look for durable goods, made domestically, grown organically, and harvested sustainably from resources can be easily replenished
  • Personal care and household cleaning products are formulated with natural, non toxic ingredients and are not tested on animals
  • Products that are durable, re-usable, refillable and able to be recycled, composted and/or biodegradable when finished being used
  • Made from recycled, re-purposed, re-claimed, found objects or materials diverted from the landfill
  • Responsibly packaged and shipping that uses less fossil fuels
  • Manufactured using alternative solar and/or wind energy or has a neutral or zero carbon footprint through carbon offsets
  • Certified organic or grown without the use of harmful chemicals and formulated with plant-based, non-toxic chemicals considered to be potentially harmful to both human health and the environment such as biphenyl A (BPA free)
  • Made by socially responsible, environmentally conscious companies who follow Fair Trade policies as defined by the Fair Trade Federation and pay a living wage to their workers

We ask our vendors to have their products labeled with policies and ingredients transparent to the customer via website or company publications. If this is not readily available, each vendor is asked to complete a questionnaire verifying their claims.

We encourage suggestions and comments from our customers so we can continue to provide excellent service and product satisfaction.

Want to be a vendor?
If you feel you have a product you'd like us to carry, send an email with details to info@thegreencornerstore.com.