About Us

We are an independently-owned, friendly establishment offering personal service and easy ways to be “greener” without sacrificing style, convenience or comfort. Everyone that works here is passionate about living lighter on the earth, too.
Our store has the basic necessities you need for daily living plus books, toys, and gifts. We are a trusted, local source for safer, healthier products and unique items you won’t find elsewhere. We specialize in local and USA-made goods. We seek out companies that have a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. We want to know they care as much about the planet and the well-being of future generations as we do.

Our Mission

To transform the way we live in our ‘corner’ of the planet by showcasing eco-friendly goods and promoting healthy lifestyles and safer, greener environments at home, work, and school. We share our vision for a thriving local economy and the economic, environmental and social benefits of a sustainable community.

Core Principles

We believe living green doesn’t mean sacrificing style, convenience, or comfort.
We believe informed, conscientious consumers can make a difference.
We believe in supporting a strong, local economy.
We believe we have a strong social, environmental, and economic responsibility to those we serve.

We are a certified business of The Green Business Network ®, a program of Green America which is the nation’s leading nonprofit in growing the green economy.  We are proud to be associated with the greater green business community and be part of a national movement to build a more just and sustainable world.

Our Sustainability Practices
We are dedicated to protecting the environment, the health, and safety of our employees, our customers, and our community. We strive each day to lessen our impact by conserving energy and water resources; reducing waste generation; recycling; procuring durable, recycled, compostable and less toxic products.

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