After exposure to poison ivy, use this soap exclusively when showering. Wash
your entire body with Poison Ivy Soap; do not use any other soap or body wash at this time as the ingredients may spread the urushoil or irritate any rash. Rinse well. Our Poison Ivy Soap is not a prewash; it is for use after exposure to urushoil.

Poison Ivy Soap Removes the Urushiol (the invisible oil from the plants) thus preventing the rash and/or removing the itch.
Wash after exposure, or after rash occurs.
Product Contains: Saponified Animal Oils, Jewelweed & Spring Water
Poison Ivy Soap is the perfect combination of pure soap made with animal oil, spring water, and the herb “jewelweed”.
Animal oil will not spread the invisible urushoil, or sap of the poison ivy and oak plants. Jewelweed is a natural antidote that washes away the urushoil completely and dries up any existing rash or blisters.